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Passion and Drive - the Will to Compete

Oct 09 2015

Your passion drives you to compete. 

You compete regardless of location, number of bays, Point of Sale system, tire brands offered, the naysayers.

You move your business forward. It is hard to put a value on your passion and drive – ask the naysayer, they will get out the Scrabble board and figure out the score for the letters.  However, the timing and where you deploy them magnifies your results.

The passion to be better, to do it smarter and improve the business drives us, makes us jump up, arms in the air and celebrate our victories, no matter how small or large they are.

So let’s put some numbers in competitive context.
Where does your location rank in capturing accurate data?

Are you in the top 10%? Top 25%? At least in the top 50% hopefully.
On the other hand, are you not competing as well as you thought? Ranking in the lowest 50% of all the locations, we track.

So here is the same thing you have been told before but maybe it’s time to frame it differently – time to really push your personnel to validate information in your POS and not just accept it and start the invoice or estimate.

You need to move up in the rankings to ensure marketing success.  Create a competitive game out of it. 

Your direct contact, 1-to-1 marketing hinges on it and you cannot afford to come in last!

Do know how many of your loyal customers do not have valid addresses?
The number might shock you.

Time to perform at your best in the coming New Year – training for increased marketing success starts now.

No matter who your marketing company is, find the number of valid addresses you have today and set a goal to improve it 1% a quarter throughout 2016.

While it may not seem like much, it means the average location will have 200 more households to market to next year.
The price for doing this is just a little passion and drive. We are preaching to the choir on that topic!

Stay competitive, keep improving your processes and this time next year you will be doing a victory celebration for reaching another goal - better customer retention via more customers to market to.

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