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Customer Marketing Yin and Yang

Oct 23 2015

Yin and Yang

Customer Marketing Yin and Yang


It’s the 4th quarter of the calendar year and many companies are working on next year’s budget.

Where do you allocate your marketing dollars? To New Customers or to Retaining and Growing Current Customers?
The Yin and Yang.

One marketing expert says get more new customers! The other camp says if you can't keep them it doesn't matter how many new customers you get!

It comes down to this: they are two sides of the same coin.
One without the other is not possible. Well it is, but it is bad for your business. There is always attrition by way of moving etc. so new customers will always need to be cultivated. However, new customer marketing is more cost prohibitive then retention marketing.

Striking a balance between them for optimum marketing performance is the real task to be done before budgeting.

Having the tools at hand to help determine the following is beneficial in that process:

  • Tire sales are trending up or down?
  • Customer Retention is going in which direction?
  • Invoice amounts are moving which way?
  • Customer Mix is improving year over year?
  • ...and much more (to borrow a popular phrase in our industry to describe services offered)!

Last point, how do you transform a linear monthly budget into the cyclic motion for all the various marketing programs you deploy?
With different programs coming into play, more some months, less other months, your monthly budget can really be thrown off in the upcoming year.
Factoring everything in and keeping it in reserve until it's needed is almost impossible without constantly tweaking programs (unless you have days with more than 24 hours).

Marketing Programs

[By original Image:UK Roundabout_8_Cars.gif (with cars driving on the left) created by Mintguy, prettified by Fredrik. Adapted to right sided traffic by Romanm;Deutsch: Mintguy (en-Wiki) und Archenzo (it-Wiki) , via Wikimedia Commons]

Are all your marketing programs getting done proficiently?
You are running your location(s) and taking care of your customers. Marketing programs need to run without constant intervention on your part.
But marketing can't even drive on the right side of the road so how do you coordinate and monitor the results?
Reports that provide Insight and let you take action are critical for busy people such as yourself.
Knowledge is power.
Time is precious.
The power to save time is???

Call us today to see how we can share our knowledge with you to make your busy day more efficient and save you time on your marketing.



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