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Digital Marketing

Nov 20 2015

Digital Marketing – easy peasy – you read it on the internet - it must be true!

Okay, it is not that bad but you need to be aware of the problems and understand it is not a straight path to marketing bliss.  Oh and it will require time and energy on your part and will not replace your current marketing programs – supplement, augment, compliment – yes. 

Your customers pay attention across multiple channels and you need to use them all to stay competitive.

Let us follow our FICTITIOUS Acme Tire and Auto Service Shop, owned and operated by “Max” - our favorite KeyMotive mascot.


A few years back he took the first step and put up a website (yes there are still many single locations without a web presence - check it out - they are not there).  It really did not do much more than list his hours, a tire finder section and directions to his location.  He knew it could do more but that was enough for now. Unfortunately, good enough for now often becomes I should have done more then!

This he followed with email campaigns for special offers and service reminders.  The ROI looked good but something was missing- oh yeah he was missing 70% of his customers' email addresses! On top of that, Max found out that; "Worldwide, only 79% of emails hit the inbox." Source: 2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report, Return Path, 2015.
Customer retention numbers started to fall.

In addition, complaints started coming in about Acme Tire being a spammer – talk to my email vendors – they handle all that stuff!
Max should have read “What No One Tells You About Email Reputation” before losing centralized control of his email lists. 

Customers sure do like to complain thought Max (remember he is a mascot not a rocket scientist). Hey, reviews would be a good place to find out what is going on and become more proactive about things.  So Max started to read reviews online and was shocked to see how many false reviews were being posted by names he did not even recognize!  He went “bananas” trying to stop bogus reviews. No pun intended – well maybe a little.  He stopped them by providing reviews from real customers with control over responding to customer issues as they post.

Then he decided social media was the ticket and maybe some better metrics for email campaigns and the web. Therefore, he started monitoring social sites, provided daily updates and purchased ads - for about 3 months. Then he was too busy to keep up the pace – besides the return was not what he expected!

“While ad blocking affects the bottom line of media and internet companies more than as buyers, the way the public has taken to anti-ad technology suggests users aren’t happy with Internet advertising. And if ads are annoying potential customers more than enticing them to buy your product, you’re spending a lot of counterproductive money.”  Source: Pagefair

“Bot-fraud detection company White Ops and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) recently analyzed over 3 million websites and found that bot visitors were rampant across the websites of major publishers and brands, inflating the monetized audiences of those sites by 5 to 50 percent. Bots accounted for 23 percent of all video impression observed, 11 percent of all display impressions, and 19 percent of all retargeted ads.”  Source: ANA/White Ops

Will Max ever get this straightened out to his satisfaction?  We will check on our fictitious Acme location another time.

Your location is real and needs to get it right in the competitive Tire & Automotive Service Industry.

Talk to your marketing partners or give us a call to see how you can leverage digital while maintaining that great relationship with your customer base – present and future.  


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