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Customer Attention Span Decreasing

Jan 22 2016

The average attention span in 2015

8.25 seconds

The average attention span in 2000

12 seconds

The average attention span of a gold fish

9 seconds

*National Center for Biotechnology Information


We have talked before about the need to reach out to customers and prospects when they are in need of having their vehicles serviced versus just a disruptive interruption.  8.25 seconds is not a long time to convince someone they need your services.  Especially if there is no connection to something that is relevant.  How about if you could just extend it a little longer?  Connect it to something old or new? Make them pause long enough to actually break the cycle of flipping subjects every 8 seconds or so.

Well, that is the goal with the interactive Peel-A-Deal® mail piece.

You can read the neuroscience behind reinforcing a thought with an action.  More of the brain becomes involved, which “bootstraps” even more activity. Interesting stuff but we only care about marketing your brand and services. 

Science or art?  Nice ‘water cooler’ talk but you want more customers!

We have not seen a viral video that draws people into tire and auto service shops.  We still remain convinced more people perceive it as a visit to the dentist – necessary but still with the potential to end badly.  Again, neuroscience says our brain will try to avoid things like this unless convinced otherwise.

So here are your 8 seconds, convince me. Great service, competitive pricing - oops no more time!

Some comments about the card…
…I remember these.
…this is corny, but I like it.
…I wonder what’s under here?
…my kids had fun pulling off…
…I need to get that done.
…I have been putting this off.

Just a slight change in their perception buys you the time it takes to let them remember that they do need service.  Now your message is relevant and is more likely to have a positive outcome.

Thanks for the time you took to read this (more than 8 seconds) and feel free to reach out to us for more information.   

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