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When More Becomes Too Much

Apr 01 2016

You want your marketing campaigns to be successful?

At what point, does the printed information you provide your customers stop being useful and just occupy space?

There is no “one size fits all” design that will represent your services and reinforce your brand.  If there was all you would have to do is hit a button on your keyboard – the big red one below ‘enter’.

It's not that simple


Give your customers a glimpse of what to expect from your location with a design that communicates the quality of your work and exceptional customer experience.

With today’s hectic pace, that first impression is so vital to their continued interest and ultimately the final decision to go to your shop.
Make sure your design conveys that ‘something’ to get them to say yes. 

These 3 questions should guide your design so you keep getting those customers/potential customers into your shop.

1.  Who is my target?

2.  What do I want them to know?

3.  Why should they come to my location?

Who is my target?

Before you make any choices about your design, you need to define a clear picture of who will see this.

Is it a Service Reminder or Prospect piece? That will have an effect on the target audience.
So what other considerations are there besides campaign type?

Demographics - such as:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Family Status 
  • Residency
  • Vehicle ownership (yeah that one)
  • Service History
  • Etc.

What designs will resonate with the target?
What designs will elevate need awareness of the target?
What designs will project your brand?
What designs will have a negative impact across many target demographics (we will be avoiding these)?  An example would be a shop in a rural area using congested urban area pictures. Almost every demographic will question the connection, as ‘something’ will just be off.

Remember we need that ‘something’ to be spot on.

If the idea of trying to capture all that information in design and artwork sounds befuddling at best - you should consider letting a designer take the wheel. All you need to provide is a branding identity for your shop and a general feel for the customer experience. Then trust a design team that specializes in the Tire and Automotive Service Industry to do their job - just like your customers trust you.

 Next week we will pick up with second question: What do I want them to know?



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