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New Movers - New Customers

Jul 01 2016

5 Things To Know About New Movers    

1.  1 in 9 people moved in 2014

2.  Homeowners 1 in 20

3.  Renters just shy of 1 in 4

4.  Busiest Moving Months May thru August

     (Source - 2014 Census Bureau: Journey-to-Work, Migration Statistics Branch)

5.  Just like customers, they don’t always know what they want so make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Applying number 2 to your Tire & Auto Service business means 5% of your customer base is going to move this year (give or take).  Which begs the question is your brand marketing via mass media going to capture the 5% moving in?

We are not talking about huge campaign numbers here, but we are talking about prospects with a need for the service and products you provide. If you have never run a New Mover campaign before and would like to do so, then now is the time.  Reach out to them with a direct mail piece that makes them an offer that survives the ‘junk mail’ round.  That way it will be on the kitchen table or desk waiting to be used. 

The best new mover mailers give them time to settle in and don’t push the urgency factor with a tight expiration date.

Make your offer something they can’t find on your website – they are a unique marketing segment – treat them as such.


New Mover Map 

The ultimate goal is to capture them as a customer because you know the Lifetime Value of a good customer!

Tip: Run 3 consecutive months like August, September and October to test the market.

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