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Advanced Segmentation is a must

Aug 29 2017

Advanced Segmentation

60% of B2C marketers feel that they are effectively engaging the right people, while only 28% of consumers actually believe this is the case. Source; The State of Engagement (2017), sponsored by Marketo and conducted by Illuminas.

Getting the right message at the right time is crucial for all your marketing efforts. No matter if you are marketing to a millennial, Generation Xer or a baby boomer. Does not matter if you are using email, direct mail or text messaging.

In the tire and service industry those numbers would destroy your retention marketing. Leaving you to pay 5-6 times as much to attract new customers.

Segment, segment and segment some more. Then look at the results and tweak the segment again.

You will know who to send to, what to send them and when to send it. Also a profile of who you would like to prospect to as a new customer.

Call it analytics, insight reports or customer centricity. Why ask questions if no action occurs? Why show numbers if it isn’t obvious what the action should be?

Make sure your marketing partner is using segmentation correctly. Everything they do representing your business is part of the customer experience. From the wrong content to excessive contacts is affecting your bottom line. Marketing is a numbers game – the proper segment at the proper time.

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Erin Hopkins
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